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Title: Yoghurt
Fandom: Lotr RPS
Pairing: Dominic / Elijah
Rating: PG-13

Dom's jaw dropped.

Elijah was sitting against the blue sofa in their lounge room. His bare feet were tucked beneath him and he seemed to be half-watching the television.

Dom's eyes followed the silver teaspoon from the pot of yoghurt in Elijah's hand to his mouth. He watched as Elijah's tongue darted out to collect the white cream on his lips. Dom shivered and shifted in his seat, feeling himself twitch.

Elijah seemed oblivious to him, even though he was less then a few metres away. Was he... did he just do that on purpose?

Elijah moaned as he licked the yoghurt innocently from the spoon. Dom watched Elijah's tongue swirl around the curve of the sterling cutlery. That really shouldn't be allowed to be used in that way; thought Dom. He was sure he was being teased by Elijah. Provoked, even.

Then he realised the other man's eyes were on him. Big, bright blue eyes blinking innocently back at him; and then, dancing with satisfaction and temptation. Dom couldn't stand it for much longer. Elijah had spilt a drop onto the small area of bare chest peeping through his half-undone shirt.

Dom quietly decided he would never buy yoghurt again, as he watched the other man run a finger over his own chest to mop up the spilt yoghurt and suck it off. This was bad for his health. Okay, so maybe this was pay back for all the times Dom had strategically taken chuppa chups to premieres to tease Elijah.

No. That was different; he was allowed to tease Elijah. This was just unfair.

Maybe Elijah had been talking to Billy. Blast Billy, he must have put this idea into his head, Dom cursed silently. He tried his very best to take his mind off the spoon and drag his eyes from Elijah's lips, stop his vision from wandering to the partly opened shirt that had moments before displayed a drop of white cream.

His distracted eyes caught Elijah dipping his finger into the white diary product and promptly sucking it clean. Elijah was making small noises of satisfaction, clearly enjoying his snack and probably not so blatantly unaware of Dom's eyes trained on him as he was acting.

That was it. Dom stood up and walked over to Elijah, determination and frustration playing on his features. He moved the pillow that Elijah had his elbow rested on and sat down, attempting to take the yoghurt pot from Elijah. The other man's eyes widened in distress and he clung to his snack, moaning in complaint around the spoon in his mouth.

Dom dipped his own finger in the yoghurt and offered his cream covered finger to Elijah, who spat his spoon out and licked the vanilla snack off. He let go of his tub and watched as Dominic placed it on the coffee table, a small pout on his face.

"I was enjoying that," Elijah protested.

"Oh, I noticed," Dom nodded in agreement.

"Isn't a boy allowed to enjoy a healthy snack in peace, any—"

Elijah began to complain, but he was cut off by Dom's tongue finding his mouth. Dom moaned, licking the white cream from Elijah's teeth and tasting that slightly bitter vanilla flavour.

Dom broke off the kiss momentarily. "No, Lighe. I brought that yoghurt for me, you've got to learn to share. That was the last pot."
Tags: domlijah, lotr
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