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Title: The Other Side
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: James / Lucius
Rating: NC-17

Lucius sighed and leant heavily against the cool stone wall as the Divinations Professor closed the door and left the two boys alone.

“Well, help me out here, Malfoy.” James was standing at the top of the stairs studying the buckets of soapy water beside him. “If you want to get out of here some time tonight.”

Silence lingered in the stairwell, disturbed only by the breathing of the pair and the swish of James’ robes as he stripped them off and tossed the garment against the wall to begin scrubbing the filthy staircase.

“Don’t tell me you are going to do this the hard way, Potter.” Lucius drawled from his position against the wall.

James paused mid-scour and looked around at Lucius, frowning. “I just want to get this bloody detention out of the way, if you don’t mind.”

Lucius arched an eyebrow as James bent down to resume his cleaning. “Nice ass, Potter.”

The Gryffindor choked on his breath and whirled to regard Lucius in shock, his cheeks colouring. “What?”

“Never mind, carry on.” Lucius smirked, biting his lip and suddenly becoming very interested in a spider near the roof.

James eyed the aloof Slytherin and exhaled steadily before turning back to the grey stone, wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead. This was going to be a long night. He could feel the blonde’s eyes on him. “Malfoy, stop being a git and help me out.”

Lucius cleared his throat. “Is that an invitation?”

“Ye—huh?” James tightened his grip on the brush in his hand and willed his mind to stay focused on the task. “An invitation?”

The Slytherin swept up the stairs and leant over the Gryffindor. He wrapped his fingers around the hand James held the brush in and drove it forward against the slate stair. “You asked me to help.”

“I kind of—of meant on,” James swallowed. He gritted his teeth and tried to stay cool and collected. “On the, I mean on our—your own stair…down there.”

“So, you want to just drop right down on the stairs and go for it?” Lucius whispered into James’ ear and snaked his free hand around to cup the other boy’s crotch.

James spluttered and caught his breath. “Excuse me?” He felt Lucius’ hands slide to his waist and let them pull him to his feet.

“Actually, I think perhaps the Professor’s desk might be more comfortable. Don’t you agree, Potter?” He flashed James a deviant grin and backed him gently against the wall. “No? Okay, here will be just fine for me.”

“I—” James’ stomach was doing flip-flops at the closeness of Lucius.

“We both know you want me, Potter.”

Before James knew it, he was sitting against the stairwell wall with Lucius straddling his outstretched legs. A slender hand caressed his cheek and jaw, and his breath quickened. He looked up to meet a pair of unreadable grey eyes.

“Lucius, I—” James was silenced as a finger pressed to his lips.

“Shhh,” Lucius’ warm breath ran over the Gryffindor's burning cheeks.

All at once, James found that he had closed the gap between them and his lips were firmly pressed against the blond’s. Lucius’ tongue slipped inside his mouth, entwining with his own. He felt the Slytherin pull him away from the wall and lay him on the landing, resting his head on the Gryffindor's discarded robes. “Mmm, Potter. Don’t mind if I do.”

“Do what?” James panted.

“Do you,” Lucius purred. “No, you stupid git. It’s a saying.”

James shuddered with pleasure as Lucius eased his full weight onto him, grinding his hardness against James' suddenly aching cock. He felt Lucius’ lips on his neck, sucking and biting the flesh gently.

“Let’s get these bloody clothes off you.” Strong hands pulled at the tight white Muggle shirt that James was wearing, and then dropped to his belt buckle.

James had his head tilted back, rubbing his erection against the thigh Lucius had slid between his legs. “For the love of Merlin, Potter. You’re a horny little thing, aren’t you?”

James’ only response was to moan and rub harder against Lucius, almost knocking the Slytherin over with force. “Sit still for a minute, would you? You’re making it awfully *hard* to remove your pants.”

“You’re—” James paused to pant, “making *me* hard.”

“I can see that,” Lucius grinned and tried again to rid James of his Muggle jeans. “But, if you save yourself for a few more moments, I can make you even harder.”

The Gryffindor moaned incoherently and grabbed at Lucius’ shirt. He ripped the fabric down the centre and pulled the shreds of remaining material from the Slytherins’ shoulders.

“Oh, really, Potter,” Lucius frowned. “My mother gave me that.”

“Fix—fix it later,” James reached up and dragged Lucius down. He kissed him hungrily and groaned with pleasure. “Fuck me now.”

“I was trying to,” Lucius sighed and ran a hand down to restrain James’ hips. “At least let me get my wand so I can *charm* your pants off, eh? Might get things done a little quicker.”

James propped himself on his elbows and watched Lucius as he rifled through his robe pockets. He muttered a spell in a seductive tone and watched with a satisfied grin as the Gryffindor's pants vanished.

“Come on,” James groaned impatiently. His breath was coming in gasps and his cock was painfully hard.

“Hmmm,” Lucius gave a sly grin and swished his wand again. “*Domesticartius.*”

Lucius arched an eyebrow. “I think I like it, Potter.”

James now sported a black diamond-studded collar from which a silver chain lead dangled from, and a matching pair of black leather wrist cuffs. Lucius grinned and took the end of the chain leash in his hand. “Down boy!”

He inspired himself by those words and gave James a reckless smirk. First he charmed the remaining clothes off of the Gryffindor, leaving him naked. Then he whispered, “*Incantatto Domesticaro* ‘Lucius’ Pet’”

With another wave of his mastery, Lucius had succeeded in imprinting those very words upon James’ naked chest. A perfect cursive glittered across his upper torso, implying that the Slytherin was now the Gryffindor's master.

“Mmm,” Lucius licked his lips. “Mine.”

“I think you should—should,” James stammered. “Put…put…”

Lucius blinked. “I’m getting there, Potter. Don’t rush me.”

“A—a silence charm on—on the cock—I mean lock,” James’ breath was quickening rapidly at the sight of the Slytherin before him and he was having trouble keeping his mind focused. “The do—ooor fuck, do that again.”

“The cock, Potter?” Lucius was highly amused by James’ rambling. “Oh, I’ll put a hell of a charm on the cock, don’t you worry about that.”

Lucius ran a hand down James’ bare chest and caressed his stomach, causing the muscles to tense under his touch. He ducked his head down and swirled his tongue around the Gryffindor's navel, who moaned in desire. “More.”

The Slytherin ran his hands down James’ side and licked a scorching trail along the bare flesh. He slid his tongue over the black haired boy’s chest and paused to tease his left nipple, scraping his teeth over the sensitive area and drawing moans and gasps from the Gryffindor.

"Lucius'," James moaned. His eyes fluttered closed and he raised his hips to grind his throbbing cock against the blond's evidently aroused sex.

Lucius bit his lip and ran his hand down to James' erection. His hand encircled the shaft, inducing quick gasps from the black haired boy as he stroked. He handled James with amorous mastery, running his hand firmly up and down the pulsing cock.

James bucked his hips desperately and pleaded Lucius to relieve him. The blond lowered his head slowly, his hands slid up between James' thighs as he wrapped his lips around the Gryffindor's cock. A shiver of pleasure ran down James' spine as the burning warmth of Lucius' mouth enclosed over his painfully hard erection.

"Luc!" James cried, his fingers entwined in the blond's hair. His cock jumped as the Slytherin began to swirl his tongue methodically around the weeping tip. Teeth grazed as lips sucked and tongue wound its way around the length, drawing James closer and closer. Lucius smiled sadistically as he withdrew as slowly as he'd begun and sat up.

James protested incoherently, the sight of Lucius' swollen lips, and the strands of hair that fell over his glazed eyes was enough to make him come. He covered the Slytherin's belly in his seed, breathing his name hungrily.

Lucius sat back, his knees on either side of the Gryffindor as he lowered the zipper from the straining crotch of his pants. His hand slid into the cover of the material and began to stroke enticingly. James tugged the rest of the leather garment to the Slytherin's knees, his jaw falling open at the sight of the now naked blond.

"Lubricata," Lucius whispered, with a raised eyebrow. He moaned as a slick wet lubrication appeared between his fingers. He reached for James' hand, drawing it to entwine around his throbbing length.

The Gryffindor stroked the now slick shaft, his eyes trying to focus as his vision swam. His own cock began to harden again as he pumped. This time James felt a hand on either side of his hips, and he let his hand drop to the floor.

He didn't resist as Lucius turned him over and ran hands along his lower back. Slicked fingers trailed down over his ass and slowly spread his legs. James' breath hitched as he felt a pressure against his entrance, his lips parted as he gasped in anticipation.

"Fuck," James breathed unevenly, "me."

Slowly but roughly Lucius penetrated the Gryffindor, his own breathing desperate and wanting. Lucius' hips rocked against James' as they moaned and gasped, the sounds echoing within the stone walls.

The blond slid a hand around James' waist, finding his hardened cock once more. James could feel he was close, his breath quickened and he felt the tightness in his stomach spread further.

His eyes were shut tightly as he came, covering his belly and Lucius' hand. The blond's name left the Gryffindor's lips in a tone that caused Lucius' stomach to tense, the feeling of the sudden tightness surrounding his cock, he spilled his lust into James.

James turned, his cheeks red and breath hitching. He licked his lips, moistening them as he watched a droplet of sweat trickle down Lucius' temple. Blond hair plastered to pale skin, skin that felt so deliciously wrong to touch.

Lucius pressed his lips to James', his tongue dove into the Gryffindor's mouth hungrily. Their teeth knocked together as the kiss became more intense, heavy breathing entwining, hands grasping for more possession.

They broke apart, foreheads rested against one another as they attempted to catch their breaths. James looked into slate grey eyes, trying to focus without his glasses. His lips were swollen and parted, an invitation for the Slytherin, whose tongue darted out to run across the moist surface.

"Now you've tasted the dark side," Lucius purred, his breath warm on James' wet lips.

"And I don't regret it," James breathed, unable to think straight. "I want more."

Lucius smirked and drew back, regarding the Gryffindor with an unreadable expression. He ducked his head to trace his tongue over the tattoo on James' chest. "I rather do like Potters."
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