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Title: Teasing Brian
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Pairing: AJ/Brian
Rating: PG15
Notes: Personally dislike this fic, but it was for a video clip challenge. You've probably all seen the one that inspired this.

Teasing Brian wasn't a hard thing to do. Not for AJ, anyway.

AJ rocked his hips back and forth, shaking his ass as he rolled his stomach in a sexy body roll. He loved teasing Brian like this. He always endeavored to stir Brian up with his sinuous hip thrusts during instrumentals of certain songs. It drove the other singer mad, and entertained the rest of the boys.
It was a refined art that AJ liked to practice in front of mirrors at any given chance. AJ played with everyone, including the mirror. He also flirted with everyone. His reflection was no exception to this treatment either.
AJ often deliberately rehearsed his hip undulations in a room that he knew Brian would be entering. He’d carry on doing his little routine even more seriously, knowing that Brian’s eyes weren’t leaving his body. He liked to think he could feel the imploring stare growing starry as a result of his actions. The other boys told AJ he looked ridiculous, but he didn’t believe them.

During concerts AJ knew Brian wasn’t allowed to touch him. Much, anyway. He also knew that the more he teased Brian, the rougher the sex would be after the show. AJ teased a lot.

And tonight he knew he was probably getting carried away. But he didn’t care. He was even resorting in crotch grabbing, as cliché as that was these days. His shirt had come off during the last costume change, and Brian had tried to jump him backstage in the short interval. AJ had shaken his head and waved a finger at Brian, telling him to wait. Nick had told AJ he was an evil bastard. AJ had climbed onto Nick’s back following his comment and proceeded to ride him onto stage. Brian followed.

AJ clapped his hands above his head, making the girls scream. He turned around and waggled his ass towards the crowd, eliciting further shrieking from the fan pit. Brian had almost missed his key.

Then AJ broke into his latest variation of the dance. He spun around on the spot, rolling his shirtless stomach before dipping down with his ass sticking out. He half turned to the crowd and spanked himself, giving them all a momentary look of ‘you-can’t-touch-this’ that Brian was sure had been aimed at him rather then the crowd. AJ then continued on his physical statement. The type that caused Brian to drop his hat mid ‘All I Have to Give’ when he replayed that image in his head, the movement that made Brian miss a dance move and swear quietly to himself, hoping no one had noticed. AJ noticed every time.

Nick had taken the opportunity to join in with AJ’s dance tonight, playing with the moment and shaking his own booty in AJ’s direction. AJ always played games with his boys on stage. Besides, the girls loved it. He slapped Nick on the ass and fell back into the Backstreet dance formation as the song cued, continuing to flirt with the crowd as he did so. He was going to get good sex tonight.
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