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Title: Starburst
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Pairing: Brian/AJ
Rating: PG 13
Notes: Fun ficlet, 440 words. Word: Sugar.

Brian giggled and settled back in the sofa. He seized the yellow packet that lay in front of him and stole a candy from its contents. He analysed the small green apple for a brief moment before placing it carefully in his mouth and chewing it just as thoughtfully. Was he deliberately making those faces?

AJ swallowed. He threw a strawberry shaped candy in Brian’s direction, hitting him in the side of the head with a satisfying dull thud. Brian pulled his stupid trying-to-be-serious face and turned to AJ, daring him to do it again. Then, struck by an idea, he reached for the discarded missile. Brian popped it into his mouth and closed his eyes. He swirled the candy around, sucking obviously on the strawberry shaped sugar. He moaned luxuriously and licked his lips. Fucking candy received more erotic treatment then AJ. Tease.

I suppose he’d deserved it. AJ was suddenly conflicted over whether to throw himself on Brian, or to throw another candy at the goddamn tease to see that all over again. His brow crinkled in momentary angst over which option to take. He decided to go with the latter. He pitched another candy at Brian’s head with accurate precision. Brian squeaked, having had his eyes closed, the missile startled him from his silent taunt of the other man.

“What?” He said innocently, picking up the newly fallen ammo. “Don’t you like the grapes?”

Oh no, not that look. Brian blinked his eyelashes at AJ like a fourteen year old girl begging for a pony. It was soon accompanied by his cheesy grin. AJ felt like tipping the whole goddamn packet of candy on Brian’s head.

Brian slid off of his couch and crawled across the carpet towards the offending hit man with the grape shaped candy between his teeth. AJ remained complacent and unwilling to give in to Brian’s taunts.

“Well, I think I like grape, definitely,” AJ noted as Brian straddled him, the candy still sticking out stupidly from between his teeth. Brian could be such a dork. A bloody sexy dork.
Brian consumed AJ’s mouth, craftily slipping the grape candy into the other man’s mouth. AJ moaned at the sudden concoction of grape and the taste of Brian. The candy became lost between tongue, heat and wetness until AJ couldn’t tell where Brian’s tongue was and whether he still had possession of the candy. Brian ran his tongue along AJ’s teeth, licking his lips as he pulled back. He grinned.

Screw Brian. He’d just eaten the last candy, after teasing AJ with it.

“This is the last time I bring starburst home for you, Rok.” AJ pouted.
Tags: aj/brian, arok
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