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Title: The Things He Loved
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Pairing: Brian Littrell/AJ McLean
Rating: PG 13
Notes: Drabble, 240 words.

There were many things about AJ that Brian loved.

AJ had more idiosyncrasies then Brian could count. AJ was one of those people you could watch for hours and never get bored of, even though Brian had a short attention span.

He loved the way AJ always looked up at him from under the brim of whichever hat he was wearing. He loved the way AJ never failed to wink at him when he did this, because he was such a flirt. He loved the way AJ wore his sunglasses, even when it was dark and he had no use for them. He loved the way AJ shivered whenever Brian touched his tattoos, even though it was a path Brian’s hands had traced many times before. He loved the way AJ flirted with his eyes and dared Brian to cross the line, knowing he would give into him every time. He loved the way AJ appeared so dangerous, even though underneath all those skulls was a big soft heart. He loved the little routines AJ followed every night before he climbed into bed next to him. He loved the way he never knew whether to watch AJ’s lips as he spoke or listen to his husky voice as he whispered about his day. He loved the way AJ spooned against him, all warm and comfortable as they fell asleep.

He just loved the way AJ was.
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