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Title: July
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Rating: PG 13
Notes: Drabble, 500 words. One of my personal favourites.

It was back in July, a few days before my birthday. I was lying on my bed thinking about the boys in my year, comparing them with the girls. I came to the conclusion that Draco Malfoy took out the sexiest male award. I couldn't decide on a female who I liked enough.

I disliked Draco, though I'd spent so much time looking him in the eyes over the last few years that I had grown accustomed to his face. Accustomed to his personality and the drawl of his voice. I could tell you how he pronounced each syllable, how he drawled certain words more than others, and the facial expressions he commonly matched with empty words. A day without Draco started to become weird. A night without a Draco orientated dream was a sleepless one spent tossing and turning.

My memory was a storage system for photographic images, with still-shots of his face, his body, every little thing about him that I could possibly manage to think about. Film clips teased my minds some days, of him racing me to the snitch, body flat and sleek, pressed against his broom; diving, darting, hands brushing as both of us stretched for the golden ball.

It had been a cold July afternoon. I remember it clearly, like I remember Draco's face. The Dursley's were out on another shopping excursion and I was left at home to wallow in my own pity or however I should word it, I was alone and without anything to occupy my mind. I was curled up on my bed, wishing away the end-leg of the summer break. There was nothing to keep me entertained but my intimate relationship with ...well.

I could have gone to Ron's for the summer. If things hadn't been screwing up between us over the past year. If I hadn’t started forgetting what my own best friend looked like, in favour of my blonde enemy. We had been fighting and arguing for awhile before the summer break commenced, it had reached point that we just avoided each other at all costs for days at a time. The summer break was either contributing to that distance, or improving the insight in my memory as to what he actually looked like again. Back at Hogwarts I had been spending time with Seamus and Dean; I don't mind those guys.

Hermione had befriended the Patil twins and Lavender Brown. God knows why, I didn't really like them. They had discovered the art of creating their own make up and the fashion was a dashing. I guess we were growing a little, and learning why time to ourselves was valuable.

At that point in time, I first realised that I was in love with Draco Malfoy. In fact I may very well be bordering on obsession. I wasn't up to stalking him just yet. But if my days were filled with even more boredom I may have considered it.
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