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Title: Water and Tears
Fandom: LotR RPS
Pairing: Dom/Elijah
Rating: PG 13
Notes: The first part of a several part drabble. 430 words.

Drops of water fell gradually onto his naked back. The cool tears of water fell from his wet hair and ran over his bare skin, an arousing feeling of dripping liquid caressing his warm water-soaked skin. A few droplets ran over his collarbone, down his chest and slid onto his nipples, dew drops of water collecting on the tip. He stroked his belly lazily with his hand; his back leant against the chair and he sighed.

He felt free, wandering around his apartment, dressed only in faded, flare jeans. He tilted his head back, his eyes rolling back to stare at the roof which was altogether too plain to hold his attention for long. He toyed with the sprinkling trail of hair that led from his belly button under the waistline of his jeans, boredom consuming his current thoughts.

He closed his eyes and listened to the noises around him. Silence greeted his ears at first, before he began to hear the sound of the outside world, Los Angeles at midday on a Saturday afternoon. Distant aggressive beeps from the traffic mingled with low groans of trucks passing nearby. He could hear twitters of birds in the few trees beneath his apartment, and then, the sound of shopping bags in the hallway.

His ears almost pricked at the faint sound of keys rattling from the other side of his door, then a clink of a lock opening. "Lighe, I'm home."

He grinned to himself at the sound of Dominic's voice, and then listened as a shoe was kicked off and hit the wall, followed by another clunk of the second shoe. Shopping bags rustled as they were placed on the kitchen bench behind him and Elijah twisted his head around to look, craning his neck over the back of the chair that he was gradually sliding down. Just like the water that still dripped slowly from his wet hair.

Dom smiled back at him, setting down the last of his bags and dropping the keys onto the marble bench. "Oh, aren't we casual today?"

"I was enjoying the freedom of it," Elijah snorted softly in a happy gesture as Dom slid into the chair next to him, sliding his arms around his bare stomach.

"You don't mind if I share, do you?" Dom said as he dipped his head and licked a straying drop of water from his chest. Elijah shivered. "Are you cold, love?"

"I can't seem to decide, now you're here I'm sure it's gotten hot in here," Elijah said softly; half serious, half playful.
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