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Title: Elijah's Lullaby
Fandom: LotR RPS
Pairing: Dom/Elijah
Rating: PG 13
Notes: Drabble, 140 words.

Sometimes his voice was almost a lullaby. One that played over in your mind, his accent dancing around itself until you fell into sleep. You'd twitch and groan while you slept and dreamt, always of him, always out of reach.

Some nights you'd lye awake, listening to the deafening silence that consumed you. You were part of the world's silence. Though your mind raged, and screamed. You lay in the angst that you created, trying to imagine things differently.

You snap out of your reverie, remembering how it used to be as a warm arm slung itself over your bare stomach. A small smile crept onto your face as you sighed into the touch. He lived with you now, in your space, he made the silence impossible to hear. Dom's warm breath was a melody against Elijah's shoulder.
Tags: domlijah, lotr
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